Our businesses

Energy is fundamental for the development strategy of En+ Group.

Our energy resources are the basis for the development of our energy-intensive operations, including non-ferrous metals manufacturing. At the same time, the geographic proximity to fast growing Asian economies, where power consumption is growing rapidly, and the immense power generation potential of the Russia’s East are key factors that make us look to Asia.


Non-ferrous metals manufacturing is the key business of En+ Group.

Non-ferrous metals and end products that include non-ferrous metals are an integral part of the life of the modern society. New aircraft, cars, electronic equipment, domestic appliances and personal computers – almost all things that surround us – are made from non-ferrous metals. In recent decades we have seen a thousand fold increase in the production and consumption of non-ferrous metals throughout the world. Future development would be unimaginable without non-ferrous metals.

Non-ferrous metals