We are the largest independent electricity producer in Russia and one of the world’s largest hydropower operators.

We operate power plants with total installed capacity of 19.7 GW, providing approximately 8% of Russia’s electricity annually.

We are engaged in all of power industry’s key sectors, including electric power and heat generation, its transmission and distribution, power trading and supply. Our power business is supported by own coal production that fully meets the company’s demand and a logistics operator.

Hydropower generation is the key area of our business: over 15 GW of our generation portfolio comes fr om hydropower plants located on Siberian rivers – Angara and Yenisei. We operate five hydro power plants producing cost-efficient and environment-friendly hydropower.

Hydropower generation has a number of important advantages as compared to other generation technologies:

  • cost-effectiveness, due to absence of fossil fuels costs;
  • load flexibility, allowing increased output in a short timeframe to support peak loads;
  • generation of green and renewable energy out of the considerable water reserves in Siberia.

In December 2015 we diversified our clean energy mix by launching a pilot solar PV power project – the Abakan SPP – with core equipment produces in-house.

In addition to electricity we are one of the largest producers of heat in Russia. The heat capacity of our CHP stations is 18.3 Gcal/h. Heat is vital in Russia’s climate, especially in Siberia wh ere temperatures can drop below -30 С in winter.

We have an in-house engineering-unit which provides repair, maintenance and EPCM services to the company as well as to the global market. In recent years we have tapped into new markets across Asia, Africa and South America focusing on hydropower projects.