En+ Group aims to be a sustainable and responsible partner across all of its business activities

We work alongside the communities in which we operate in order to understand and help address any concerns, manage the social impact of our operations, and maximise the value which we provide.

Social responsibility is a pre-requisite for sustainable development, a central pillar of En+ Group’s strategy and a key component of its day-to-day activities. Our companies are among the largest employers and taxpayers in Russia and Siberia and key contributors to the economies in which they operate. Our current projects and planned investments in Siberia are transforming the region, elevating quality of life and making it a coveted place to live and work.

We create opportunities for future generations by investing in education, science, culture, sports and the development of children’s creativity. We also look to incentivise small and medium-sized businesses and actively interact with local communities. En+ Group spends more than RUB 500 million on social programs in Siberia annually.

En+ Group - Positive Matters!

“Positive Matters!”, En+ Group's programme for its social initiatives, aims to improve the quality of life in the regions where it operates, in a wide range of fields:

En+ Care!

En+ Care! operates the Group’s environmental projects, which aim to preserve the unique natural riches and biodiversity of Easter Siberia, where the Group’s major enterprises are located, as well as to promote a culture of respect for the environment among the younger generation. En+ Group believes that environmental awareness is the key to ensuring the sustainable development of its businesses and the regions in which its enterprises are located.

We are constantly working with leading Russian and international environmental organisations, supporting their projects in Eastern Siberia and are always open for additional partnerships.

Key projects

The Climate Group

En+ Group is a permanent member of The Climate Group, an international non-profit organisation, and assisting with the China Redesign Programme, a project working on the low-carbon development of Chinese cities. If the experience proves successful, The Climate Group may seek to repeat it in Eastern Siberia and the Russian Far East.

En+ Create!

En+ Create! brings together the Group’s engineering and technical sustainable development projects.

En+ Group, in partnership with Volnoe Delo, has established 'Robotics: Engineering and Technology Personnel of Innovative Russia', their collaborative robot technology programme for children and young people between the ages of 8 and 25. The aim of the Robotics programme is to develop systematic engineering thinking among children and young people and to help shape Russia's future engineering elite. In total, RUB 160.5 million were invested in the project from 2014-2016.

En+ Discover!

En+ Discover! aims to develop education within the regions in which En+ Group operates and boost the status of engineering and technical professions, as well as improve the training of specialists required by its companies.

By encouraging young people to get involved in engineering projects and incentivising the most talented students and postgraduates with grants and training opportunities at the world's leading institutions, and offering them employment with the Group's companies, we are creating the new Russian engineering elite.

Key projects

New Generation School

En+ Group has launched the New Generation School project in partnership with Oleg Deripaska's Volnoe Delo foundation in the regions in which it operates. New Generation School aims to comprehensively change Russia's educational system, approaches to training, and the mindsets of students themselves. The programme has been included in the official educational list of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. The programme was launched in 2012 at seven schools.

The main targets and values set by the schools operating within the programme are independence, self-actualisation, self-determination and self-training.

Partnerships with leading universities

En+ Group acts as a strategic partner to several leading higher education institutes in Eastern Siberia, including Siberian Federal University, Irkutsk State University and Irkutsk State University of Technology. Over 100 students and postgraduates receive personal scholarships from En+ Group, and the very best are awarded opportunities to study at some of the most prestigious universities in the world, at the expense of the Group

SME Development

En+ Group works to develop the economies of single-industry towns in the regions in which it operates. The Group launched a truly original educational project for beginner entrepreneurs business, as well as more experienced businesspeople, in Baykalsk in Siberia at Baikal State University of Economics and Law in 2012. The month-long course includes workshops on business planning, marketing and law. A resource centre is also available to provide legal and other consultancy services.

En+ Develop!

En+ Develop!

En+ Develop! Operates the Group’s initiatives to support entrepreneurial activity and small-scale business development in the regions in which our companies operate. As a Group, we are committed to ensuring that SMEs become a significant part of the Eastern Siberian economy. The creation of new jobs will make the region a more comfortable and attractable place to live.

Key projects

School of Environmentally-Friendly Business

In collaboration with the Siberian Renaissance charity, we launched the School of Environmentally Friendly Business project in Baikalsk in the Irkutsk region in early 2012.

Students, including schoolchildren, students, beginners in business and experienced businessmen, are taught the basics of economics, finance, planning and management, marketing and other subjects necessary for successful set up of a personal business. The project involves teachers from the leading higher educational institutions of Siberia and business schools. In the course of their training, the students of "School of environmentally friendly business" elaborate specific business-ideas to be offered to potential investors.

The project is aimed at encouragement of small-scale business development and change of economy structure of Baikalsk, which is a single-industry city. The major employer in Baikalsk is Baikalsk Pulp and Paper Complex; due to adverse impact of the complex to the environment and, in particular, to Lake Baikal, the owners consider the issue on its shutting down.

The first 45 graduates of "School of environmentally friendly business" finished the school in July 2012. The jury declared the best projects by the school students the following: "Manufacturing of paving tiles from recycled plastic", "All-year oyster-mushroom farm in Baikalsk" and "Building of a bikeways network within Sobolinaya mountain". Regional and federal-scale investors grew interested in the projects.

Partnership with The Baikal Bike Trophy

En+ Group is a sponsor of the Baikal Bike Trophy, a cycling race spanning several days on Olkhon Island, the largest in Lake Baikal. Over 100 sportsmen from Russia, Mongolia and other countries took part in the race in August 2012.

The Baikal Bike Trophy has several aims, including promoting sporting achievements, encouraging people to embrace a healthy lifestyle, and contributing to the development of environmental tourism in the region around Baikal.

The project’s creator and designer is a graduate of the School of Environmentally-Friendly Business.

Partnership with the Teatrica Play Structures Research Lab

En+ Group supported the Sands of Time project to create works of art made from natural materials in the Irkutsk region in Siberia in 2012. This was a three-level labyrinth made of sand, trees and stone, erected on the shore of Lake Baikal by the best Russian sculptors and artists. the project was open to the public for the whole year.

Inside and around the labyrinth, a rubbish-free zone was established to remind tourists and residents of the Irkutsk region of the inherently close relationship between museums and nature. The overarching aim of the project was to improve environmental conditions in Siberia.

En+ Aspire!

En+ Aspire! brings together the Group’s cultural initiatives. Our programmes, aimed at supporting amateur art festivals, contemporary art projects and theatrical productions, lay the foundation for the Group's intellectual growth, help to conserve Russian cultural heritage and national traditions, developing the younger generation, and popularising art among Russian citizens.

By providing personal growth opportunities to the young people in cities and towns where En+ businesses are located, intellectual leisure and additional training, we are encouraging the development of the region's human resources potential and contributing to the establishment of a favourable social and environmental situation in these regions.