2002: En+ Group was established as a vehicle for aluminium and alumina assets acquired by its majority shareholder, Oleg Deripaska. Over time, through a process of strategic acquisitions, asset consolidations and organic growth, the company has developed into a leading global vertically-integrated hydro power and aluminium producer.

RUSAL Holding Limited was created following the corporate restructuring and consolidation of aluminium and alumina assets controlled by Oleg Deripaska, who received 75% of the shares. These assets would later form the group of companies that now comprises RUSAL. The following year the consolidation of RUSAL Holding Limited was completed following the acquisition of the remaining 25% of shares from third party shareholders.

the Group acquired 64.0% of shares in Krasnoyarsk HPP, acquiring an additional 4.3% between 2003 and 2007. In 2014, the Group purchased 3.4% of shares in RusHydro, exchanging it for 25.0% of shares in Krasnoyarsk HPP, which were at that time owned by RusHydro. Pursuant to a mandatory tender offer and the buyout process undertaken in 2016, the Group increased its shareholding to 100% of shares in Krasnoyarsk HPP.

2001 – 2007:
the Group and other companies relating to Oleg Deripaska acquired 50.2% of the shares of Irkutskenergo. In 2016 the Group acquired 40.3% of Irkutskenergo, a power company that owns several large HPPs and CHPs, with an aggregate generation capacity of 12.8 GW. In 2016, the Group acquired additional 40.3% of shares in Irkutskenergo from Inter RAO, increasing its shareholding to 90.8% (including treasury shares).

RUSAL and RusHydro entered into a cooperation agreement to jointly implement the BEMO Project, which contemplated the construction of the 3.0 GW Boguchansk HPP on the Angara river and the Boguchansk aluminium smelter (with a designed production capacity of approximately 588,000 tonnes of aluminium per annum) in the Krasnoyarsk Region. Boguchansk HPP’s power generation operations were launched in 2014 under the operational management of RusHydro, a 50% joint venture partner in the BEMO Project. Under the operation management of RUSAL, the first half of the first stage of Boguchansk aluminium smelter launched its operations in 2016 with the production capacity of 149 thousand tonnes.

EuroSibEnergo plc was established to consolidate and manage the Group’s power assets and operations. All power assets that were owned by companies overseen by Oleg Deripaska were combined under EuroSibEnergo plc by 2009.

as a result of the acquisition by the Group of SUAL, which at the time was one of the ten largest aluminium producers globally, and certain of the aluminium and alumina businesses of Glencore, the current RUSAL was formed under UC RUSAL, a parent company for the newly formed group, which was comprised of the aluminium producing assets and subsidiaries of the Group.

RUSAL completed the acquisition of a 25% stake in Norilsk Nickel, the world’s second largest producer of Nickel and one of the world’s leading producers of platinum and copper.

with a view to increasing vertical integration within En+ Power, the Group acquired companies operating coal mining assets located primarily in the Irkutsk and Krasnoyarsk Regions. 2010: RUSAL floated on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and NYSE Euronext in Paris.

RUSAL conducted an IPO and listed its shares and global depositary receipts on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and NYSE Euronext in Paris. Later in 2010, RUSAL listed its Russian depositary receipts on Russia’s stock exchanges. In 2015, the shares of RUSAL were admitted to listing on MOEX.

The Group established a logistics business in order to provide comprehensive logistics services predominantly to the power companies of En+ Power. The logistics assets include railway lines with a total length of 95 km and a number of railcars and locomotives in the Khakassia Region.

The Group purchased dams in the Angara river cascade in the Irkutsk Region from RusHydro. The dams, which are a part of the Group’s cascade comprising the Irkutsk, Bratsk and Ust-Ilimsk HPPs located on the Angara river, were previously leased by Irkutskenergo from RusHydro.

The Group successfully completed its initial public offering of global depository receipts at the London Stock Exchange and the Moscow Exchange. The offer price has been set at USD 14 per share. Within the IPO the Group raised USD 1,500 million, thus making it the biggest IPO of 2017 in London. In line with pre-IPO commitments, the proceeds of the offering have been spent on deleveraging: in shortly after the listing, ahead of schedule the Group repaid in full its VTB loan totalling USD 942 million.