Irkutskenergo – Russia’s Leader in GHG Reduction


Irkutsk, September 23, 2016 – JSC Irkutskenergo (part of the Russian largest independent power producer EuroSibEnergo) won the 1st all-Russian GHG reduction contest “Climate and Responsibility 2015” arranged by the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment of the Russian Federation.

Irkutskenergo won the main nomination “Best arranged greenhouse gas emission reduction scheme among operating companies emitting more than 150,000 tons of CO2 equivalent per year”, where more than fifty largest Russian companies submitted data regarding the GHG reduction projects they had implemented.

Irkutskenergo almost cut twice its CO2 emissions, from 31.5 mtpa in 1990 to 17.2 mtpa in 2015 as a result of upgrading its HPPs, higher output of environmentally friendly energy that substituted coal-fired generation, significant reduction of losses in the electric power grids and thermal power networks, which reduced the volumes of burnt fuel, as well as transitioning to burning gas instead of coal at several boiler houses.

Oleg Prichko, CEO of JSC Irkutskenergo, said: “Irkutskenergo has been consistently reducing its greenhouse gas emissions since the early 2000s, and we are glad we are appreciated for our effort. We plan to continue like this to provide another 15-20% reduction by the year 2020 compared to the 2015 level”.

Vyacheslav Solomin, CEO of EuroSibEnergo, commented: “Greenhouse gases are one of the main causes of the global climate change, that’s why we see the GHG emission reduction as a most important task on the agenda of the world’s major energy companies, including EuroSibEnergo. Russia has a great potential for curbing GHG emissions and developing clean renewable generation, which might serve as a basis for the transition to the low-carbon development”.

About “New Energy”:

EuroSibEnergo has been implementing a program to comprehensively upgrade the “New Energy” hydro power plants of the Angara-Yenisei cascade aiming to reduce the GHG emissions by 2 mln tons by 2018.

The program’s first stage provides for a large-scale reconstruction and replacement of the main production machinery at the company’s three largest Siberian HPPs – Krasnoyarsk HPP, Bratsk HPP and Ust-Ilimsk HPP – to be completed by 2018. Hydro power generation units, 12 runners, power converters, open type switchgear are on the upgrade list. The Siberian HPPs will be able to raise green energy generation by 1.5 bln kWh per year by 2018 using the same water levels. The hydro power may be used as a substitute for the coal fired generation in Siberia to save up to 800,000 tons of coal per year and to reduce the GHG emissions of the power plants by 2 mln tons per year, which will benefit the Siberia’s environment.

EuroSibEnergo will invest about RUR15 bln at the 1st stage of the HPP upgrade program “New Energy”.