EuroSibEnergo Generates 80.4TWh of Electricity in 2011

27 JANUARY 2012
Irkutsk, 27 Jan 2012 - In 2011, power plants of EuroSibEnergo generated 80.4 bln kWh of power, which is 7.6% lower year on year. Generation of the company's hydro power plants - Krasnoyarskaya, Bratskaya, Ust-Ilimskaya and Irkutskaya - amounted to over 65 bln kWh (-9.3% year on year). Heat production by EuroSibEnergo's plants was 27.2 mln Gcal, which is 9.0% lower year on year. The main reasons of power and heat generation reduction are unfavourable water conditions at HPPs and high air temperatures in winter. Grid distribution of power reduced by 1.9% year on year to 45.4 bln kWh. Company's coal production grew by 8.5% year on year to reach 15.8 mln tonnes.CommentCEO of OAO EuroSibEnergo Evgeny Fedorov: "In 2011, EuroSibEnergo power plants ensured reliable and seamless supplies to consumers of power and heat, meeting the demand in the Eastern Siberia and the Middle Volga. The company HPPs' indicators were above the long-term average annual in 2011. Owing to implementation of investment programmes aimed at extension and upgrade of the current capacities, CHPPs of OAO EuroSibEnergo reached the historical maximum of power load in early 2012. Reduction in generation indicators was due to lower water level and mild winter".About the company:EuroSibEnergo ( is Russia's largest independent power company in terms of installed electricity capacity and one of the largest hydro-electric generating companies in the world. EuroSibEnergo operates 18 power plants with total installed capacity of 19.5GW, including 15GW from some of Russia's largest hydropower plants in Siberia. The company's coal reserves exceed 1.2 billion tons. EuroSibEnergo is a part of the En+ Group.