Sustainable Development

We believe that long-term economic growth is only possible with social progress and careful attitude towards the environment. Responsibility is the pre-requisite of sustainable development, which is one of the En+ Group’s priorities and one of the most important components of the Group’s day-to-day activities.

Our companies rank among the largest employers and taxpayers of the Eastern Siberian regions and are among the key investors in the economies in which they operate. En+ Group’s new metals, energy, mining and other projects and investments in infrastructure will make the Russia’s East one of the key hot spots of the Russian economy, they will elevate the quality of life and make the Eastern Siberia a coveted place to live and work.

Our companies seek to use the most environmentally-friendly technologies and to get the most competent Russian and international environmental institutions involved in designing new operations in order to minimize environmental impact, provide for environmental compliance of our new projects and preserve the biodiversity of all flora and fauna for future generations.

We are focused on providing finance for rare species preservation projects in Siberia; we also support national parks, including the Khakass Natural Reserve, Stolby State Natural Reserve, Sayano-Shushensky Natural Reserve, Baikal Natural Reserve, Yergaky, Shushensky Bor, etc.

En+ Group is constantly seeking to reduce the environmental footprint of our operations many of which were designed and built in the Soviet times, when not so much attention was paid to environmental concerns. Our companies have so far invested more than $600 mln in eco-friendly upgrades of our operations. We have been able to substantially reduce our environmental footprint in recent years through the use of state-of-the-art gas treatment technologies, closed water cycle systems, power efficiency raising schemes, implementation of environmental management systems and waste treatment programs.

We create a better and more comfortable living environment in the Russia’s East and build opportunities for future generations by investing in education, science, culture and sports, development of children’s creativity, a careful attitude towards nature, incentivizing small and medium-sized businesses and actively interacting with local communities – this is what ultimately defines our competitive excellence. En+ Group spends more than RUR500 mln on social programs in Eastern Siberia annually.

En+ is providing finance for the "New Generation School" and "RoboTechnology" projects underway at Irkutsk, Angarsk, Bratsk, Sorsk and other schools and universities to nurture new engineering elite in Russia. Talented students and post-graduates of Eastern Siberian universities, including Siberian Federal University, Irkutsk State University, Irkutsk State Technical University and several other universities receive scholarships from En+ and are trained at the world’s best engineering universities.

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