Our Sustainable Development Policy

The only business with a future is one that recognizes its high level of social responsibility to society and future generations and does everything possible to minimize negative environmental impact. This argument forms the basis of En+ Group’s Sustainable Development concept. We operate on the principles of transparency, involvement and dialog and strictly adhere to the “green growth” philosophy.

En+ Group is one of the largest employers in the Russian Federation. The Group’s companies are concentrated in Siberia and the Far East of Russia and employ more than 100 000 people. By implementing a large number of social programs, we are increasing the quality of life of our employees, their families, the cities and regions they live then, and thus the overall prosperity of all Russians.

Day by day, the company’s proactive partnerships with government departments and public organizations are promoting the development of a stable socioeconomic and environmental situation in the country and abroad. We are convinced that a business strategy that is focused on people and takes their needs, opinions, concerns and wishes into consideration will always be a success under present-day conditions. The Sustainable Development that En+ Group is striving for is only possible when delivered through close “Business-Government-Public” collaboration.

Our vision of Sustainable Development

  • Increasing the status, qualifications and social standing of engineering specialists
  • Widespread implementation of the principles of the New Generation School, which is focused on educating independent, creative and progressive individuals who are ready to change our world for the better
  • Strengthening the economies of Russia’s one-industry cities by promoting business initiatives
  • Preserving Earth’s biodiversity
  • Cultivating a sense of mindfulness and active civic engagement among Russian students through participation in creative festivals and amateur art activities.

Our Sustainable Development mission

  • To build durable partnerships with government institutions and public organizations in order to find comprehensive, up-to-date and effective solutions to current environmental, economic, educational and scientific problems
  • To develop key competencies in Russian students to give them competitive advantages in the labor market and train them for working in modern high-tech industries
  • To promote a brand new culture of the School as a learning organization facilitating the development of information support programs for education and creative robotics and engineering programs for children and youth
  • To initiate, implement and support environmental protection and environmental monitoring programs in Russia and abroad, and to instill a culture of careful use of natural resources to preserve them for future generations
  • To develop creative ways of working with teenagers and holding and sponsoring creative festivals for children and youth.