En+ Develop!

En+ Develop! encompasses entrepreneurial activity and small-scale business development support initiatives in the regions hosting our companies. We are sure that small-scale business has to become a significant part of Eastern Siberia economy, and its development will allow creating new jobs and making the region a more comfortable and attractable place to live.

"School of environmentally friendly business"

In cooperation with Charitable Foundation "Land of Siberia Renaissance" we launched the project of "School of environmentally friendly business" in Baikalsk, Irkutsk region, in early 2012. Within the frameworks of the school, its students, including schoolchildren, students, beginners in business and experienced businessmen, are taught the basics of economics, finance, planning and management, marketing and other subjects necessary for successful set up of a personal business. The project involves teachers from the leading higher educational institutions of Siberia and business schools. In the course of their training, the students of "School of environmentally friendly business" elaborate specific business-ideas to be offered to potential investors.

The project is aimed at encouragement of small-scale business development and change of economy structure of Baikalsk, which is a single-industry city. The major employer in Baikalsk is Baikalsk Pulp and Paper Complex; due to adverse impact of the complex to the environment and, in particular, to Lake Baikal, the owners consider the issue on its shutting down.

The first 45 graduates of "School of environmentally friendly business" finished the school in July 2012. The jury declared the best projects by the school students the following: "Manufacturing of paving tiles from recycled plastic", "All-year oyster-mushroom farm in Baikalsk" and "Building of a bikeways network within Sobolinaya mountain". Regional and federal-scale investors grew interested in the projects.

Partnership with "The Baikal Bike Trophy"

En+ is a sponsor of "Baikal Bike Trophy" - a days-long bike race on Olkhon Island, the largest isle of Lake Baikal. More than 100 sportsmen from Russia, Mongolia and other countries took part in the race in August 2012.

"The Baikal Bike Trophy" pursues several objects: promotion of sports achievements, popularization among the people the idea of a healthy lifestyle, and the main goal - contribution to the development of eco-tourism in the region thanks to making of a network of well-equipped tracking routes in the region.

The idea -man and the project designer is a graduate of "School of environmentally friendly business".

Partnership with Play Structures Research Lab "Teatrica"

Supported by En+, an eco-project of creation of art-objects made from natural materials "Sands of Time" is being implemented in Irkutsk region. It’s a three-level labyrinth of sand, trees and stone, erected on the shore of Lake Baikal by the best Russian sculptors and artists. During the whole year the project will be open for public.

Inside the labyrinth and around, there will be a garbage-free zone to remind tourists and residents of Irkutsk region of closeness of the notions of museum and nature. The project’s aim is to establish a favorable environmental condition in Siberia.